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Plastic: a toxic love story - book review

May 24 2017 0 Comments Tags: chemicals, plastic

I just read a book that I couldn't put down, its called Plastic: a toxic love story.  Its about how plastic has became so pervasive in our lives and so dangerous to our health and that of our planet.  I've read about this kind of thing before, particularly in "Slow Death by Rubber Ducky", but this new book really explained a few things that hadn't clicked before

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(Soap) Nuts about laundry

Nov 09 2016 0 Comments Tags: chemicals, laundry, soap, soapnuts

As you know, I really don't like using chemicals in the house or for the animals, but it is gradual process to reduce and change what we use.  For the laundry, we already use a grey-water friendly product, as all the washing-machine water is used to water my vege garden, however I was sure there was still opportunities to improve. I'd read a bit about soap nuts and thought about it and hadn't done...

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How to use diatomaceous earth on the homestead

Aug 26 2016 2 Comments Tags: cattle, chemicals, chickens, diatomaceous earth, parasites

We use Diatomaceous Earth for Chickens, Cattle, Dogs, Bees and in the Garden, for pest control and other uses.

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The Hands on Home - Book review

Jan 13 2016 0 Comments Tags: book, chemicals, too much information

I wasn't sure if I would like The Hands-On Home: A Seasonal Guide to Cooking, Preserving & Natural Homekeeping, by Erica Strauss, so I requested it from the library rather than buy it.  I really shouldn't have been surprised by how much I enjoyed reading it, as I have been following Erica's blog Northwest Edible Lifeand she always explains interesting and complex concepts with a dose of humour and...

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Silent Spring - book review

Jan 24 2014 0 Comments Tags: book, chemicals

Silent Springwas written in 1962 at a time when herbicides and pesticides had just started to enter mainstream production. They were being used indiscriminately and the devastating effects were starting to be obvious. It is shocking now to read that chemicals which are no longer available for general use were once sprayed out of aeroplanes, over forests, lakes, cities, and farms. These chemicals...

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Healthy, chemical-free dogs

Dec 14 2011 0 Comments Tags: chemicals, dog, dogs, minerals, natural cattle care

We stopped using chemicals with the cattle, but we were still giving the dogs flea and worm treatments!  Here is what we changed after reading a book by Vet Pat Coleby.

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