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Managing Australian Paralysis Ticks in a Herd of Cattle in South East Queensland

Nov 19 2012 0 Comments Tags: calf, cattle, paralysis tick

Paralysis ticks (xodes holocyclus) are native to Australia and are found on the east coast from southern Victoriaall the way up to northern QLD, and in the north of Tasmania. The ticks’ natural hosts are native animals, such as bandicoots, wallabies and koalas, which have developed immunity to the neurotoxin produced by the tick. Domestic animals, including dogs, cats, sheep, calves and foals,...

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Paralysis ticks and the orphan calves – part 2 of a long story

Oct 31 2012 2 Comments Tags: beef, calf, cattle, paralysis tick

In part one of this long story, I explained how we brought home the first weak braford calf and struggled with whether or not to give him milk, we thought he was just weak, and if we could get him to eat more he would get better. At the same time we were keeping an eye on another calf that we had noticed was skinny and often separated from the herd. We were worried that she also didn't have a...

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Caring for an orphan calf – part 1 of a long story

Oct 29 2012 0 Comments Tags: beef, calf, cattle

This is a LONG story, so I’ll break it into two parts.  In the first part, we found the first calf and I wasn’t sure whether to give him milk or not, so I’ll explain what I found out in that regard.  In the second part, I’ll explain how the second calf turned out to have paralysis ticks, which explained why the first calf couldn’t stand up and what we learned since then about paralysis ticks.


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A foster calf for Bella

Oct 19 2012 0 Comments Tags: calf, cow, house cow

When we found Bella’s dead calf we didn’t have much time to figure out what to do next.  We managed to milk Bella by carrying her calf to the milking bales, and then we started calling friends to find out if someone had a spare calf that we could try to foster.  That afternoon we picked up little Romeo, and he spent the night in a separate yard, and Bella stayed close to her dead calf.


We have...

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Weaning calves - different approaches for small farms

Sep 26 2012 0 Comments Tags: calf, cattle, cow, house cow, weaning

About three months before Bella was due to calf we decided it was time to wean Molly.  Actually Molly kind of decided herself, as she came on heat and was too busy moo-ing and pacing up and down to worry about having a drink, so we moved Bella into another paddock and I don't think Molly even noticed.

The ideal time to wean depends on what you're doing. Large scale dairy farms typically separate...

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Change of plans - this time for the better!

Sep 20 2012 0 Comments Tags: calf, cow, house cow

Just to keep all my non-facebook liking blog-followers updated on happenings at the farm....

I had given up on this foster calf idea ever working and was planning to have to milk twice a day for ages and to make lots and lots of cheese.... but then on Wednesday morning, one week after Bella had her calf and it died, we milked her and only got 4 L, rather than 12 L. We also noticed that replacement...

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