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Meet little Daisy calf

Nov 07 2017 3 Comments Tags: calf, cattle, cow, house cow

Bella had a little girl calf that we've called Daisy.  Here's an update on cow and calf.

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What to expect from a cow and calf

May 15 2017 0 Comments Tags: calf, cow, house cow

This is an article that I submitted to Grass Roots magazine a few years ago.  With my recent post on Instagram/Facebookshowing Molly with her calf, and my tale of finding her with the calf and going to get Pete and both of us coming back, but Molly had already hid the calve and we did not see it again for two days.... I few people have asked about cows hiding their calves and this article covers...

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What to do with a bull calf

Aug 19 2016 0 Comments Tags: bull, calf, castration, cattle, natural cattle care, steers

When we were planning to have our second steer butchered, we started to look around for a young steer to replace him and keep the remaining steer company.  We have learnt the hard way that one steer will not stay home and now always have at least two in the “herd” so they don’t get lonely.

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What time of year is best to have calves?

Apr 20 2016 0 Comments Tags: calf, cattle, cow

Its mid-autumn and our nine angus-cross heifers are currently calving. This may seem an odd time of the year to have calves, and certainly in the temperate areas you would expect to see baby calves and lambs in spring, but in the sub-tropics we can do things a bit differently as we don't have a cold winter. The problem is that cow gestation is around 9 months, so you really don't know what...

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Raising a baby house cow

Feb 10 2016 0 Comments Tags: calf, cow

Our first house cow Bella came to us from a dairy farm and had already had two calves.  She came with her second calf, Molly, who is also a full Jersey cow.  We raised Molly to be our second house cow.  With Bella now having an uncertain future after having difficulty with her last calf, we decided to raise some future house cows.

I think they two most important inputs are human interaction (to...

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Colostrum - why calves need it and what to do with the excess

May 08 2013 0 Comments Tags: calf, cow, house cow, milk

Since Molly had her calf, Monty, in early April, I've had plenty of opportunity to observe colostrum and I am finding it quite fascinating. Like all mammals, when a cow first has her calf, she produces colostrum to feed her calf, rather than true milk. Colostrum is more yellow/orange than milk (although Molly's had been slightly different to Bella's, so I assume every cow is different) and much...

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