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Raw milk and a cheese-making course

Jul 04 2011 0 Comments Tags: butter, cheese, cow, dairy, milk, yoghurt

Now that we have Bella our house cow, we have the option of drinking raw whole milk instead of pasturised, homoginised supermarket milk.  In Australia it is illegal to sell raw milk, but its not illegal to drink raw milk from your own house cow.

As explained here, there are good reasons not to drink raw milk from commercial dairies. These dairies are producing milk that is intended to be...

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I made butter!

Jun 03 2011 0 Comments Tags: butter, cow, dairy, milk

I was a bit scared of butter, after raw milk yoghurt was so much harder than I expected. But we were lucky to have a demonstration at the Marburg Show recently. A couple of elderly gentlemen who used to work at the Beaudesert butter factory had a bucket of fresh milk and were showing people how to separate the cream and make butter. We spent about half an hour asking many many questions, they were...

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