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Butchering Poultry

Jun 26 2019 1 Comment Tags: butcher, chickens, real food, turkeys

Last weekend we got up early and prepared for a morning of killing poultry, not my ideal Saturday morning, but the time had come, we were going through too much food and not getting enough eggs. We had bred new hens, so it was time for the eldest of the flock to go. This is never easy, but its part of farming. We don't keep the chickens for pets, so we always know that one day we will kill them....

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Authentic American BBQ using offset smokers

Aug 08 2018 0 Comments Tags: butcher

We recently spend a day at a smoking school run by our local butcher.  American BBQ culture has taken off here in Australia, including BBQ competitions.  The teacher brought two offset smokers with him and showed us how to cook pork ribs, pork brisket, beef ribs, beef brisket, chicken wings, sausages and even how to grill rump steak.  This included the necessary seasoning and rubs, and a BBQ sauce.  He also demonstrated macaroni cheese, beans and coleslaw. 

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Rendering tallow in a slow cooker

May 28 2018 8 Comments Tags: butcher, soap, tallow

How to render fat using a slow cooker to make tallow for cooking or soapmaking.

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Organic isn't everything.......

Apr 16 2018 2 Comments Tags: butcher, chickens, eggs, meat, organic, real food

We eat eggs for breakfast every morning whenever possible and I do notice the difference if I don't have them, as I get hungry earlier in the morning.  When I have to stay away from home for work, the one thing that miss the most (apart from Pete, the dogs and the other animals) is fresh eggs from our chickens.   I usually order eggs from the hotel for breakfast each morning, but they are not the same as my home eggs.  They have a darker orange yoke and a funny taste.  Even store bought organic free-range eggs do not taste as good as our home-raised pastured-fed eggs, and here's why.

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Using the whole beast

Oct 31 2017 2 Comments Tags: beef, butcher, real food, tallow, tanning

Every year around winter-time we have one of our home-raised steers butchered at our property by a mobile a butcher.  We fill the freezer with meat, bones and tallow, and we sometimes even keep the hide for tanning.  It is very important to us that, as far as possible, we use the whole beast.  If this is something that you would to do too, here are a list of posts that you may find useful.

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Making our own sausage mix

Jul 19 2017 0 Comments Tags: butcher

Our butcher is coming next week and he will do two beasts this time, so we are getting organised. I've written a lot about butchering over the years and this will be our eighth and ninth animals killed on our own property. On that last day, they will know no fear, maybe some curiosity (who is that strange man pointing that stick at me?) and it will be a quick end to a fairly peaceful and...

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