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Incubating chicken eggs and brooding chicks

Jan 23 2015 2 Comments Tags: brooder, chicks, incubator

We just hatched 24 chicks in our incubator!  They are so cute when they first hatch.

Here's some photos of our latest hatch and a few posts explaining how and why we hatch chicks:
  • Incubating chicken eggs - there are lots of factors that affect hatch rate, here's how to get the best results from your incubator

chicken tractor ebook: hatching chicks

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Caring for baby chicks

Feb 08 2012 0 Comments Tags: brooder, chickens, chicks, self sufficiency

We're still having some trouble with our incubators, but when I work that out, I'll post about incubating eggs. However, when we do managed to hatch some eggs, we've been pretty good at looking after the chicks from then onwards! For those of you with reliable broody hens who take care of the incubation and chick rearing process, you're very lucky and you don't need to know anything about this...

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