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Book review: Modern Slow Cooker

Apr 05 2021 3 Comments Tags: book, book review, real food, slow cooker, vegetables

When I was sent a review copy of the book Modern Slow Cooker: 85 vegetarian and vegan recipes to make your life easy by the wonderful Alyce Alexandra, I was surprised so see it was all vegetable-based recipes, no meat at all. I have a few different slow cooker recipe books, and they are all meat-based.

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Book review: Waste Not - make a big difference by throwing less away

Mar 16 2019 0 Comments Tags: book review, plastic, waste

I have been following Erin Rhoad's blog The Rogue Ginger for years, and I love her clever tips for reducing waste.  I was pretty happy to find her book Waste Not at the airport, something to read on a long flight and enjoy while on holiday.

Overall, I enjoyed the practical advice (you know it all comes from Erin's personal experience).  The small steps will help someone completely new to the concept to get started without becoming overwhelmed.  The solutions are equally parts DIY and how to buy, so if you don't have time to make everything you can choose to buy, but if you can't afford to buy everything you can choose to make your own.  The photography really is stunning and helps to illustrate the tools, tips and tricks.

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Retrosuburbia - permaculture book review

Nov 05 2018 4 Comments Tags: book, book review, permaculture

David Holmgren's latest book "Retrosuburbia: The downshifters guide to a resilient future", is the manual that you need to see the potential of the suburban lifestyle.

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Gaia's Garden - a permaculture book review

Mar 15 2018 5 Comments Tags: book review, garden, permaculture

I first came across Gaia's Garden in 2013 and although I had tried to read other permaculture books before that, this was the one that really helped me to understand the concepts, both what to do and why.  Toby sadly died recently, so I thought it was a good time to review the book in detail.  Toby made an enormous contribution to permaculture and I'd like to remember him by reading his book again. 

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The Raw Milk Answer Book - book review

Oct 19 2015 0 Comments Tags: book review, raw milk

I never realised that raw milk was so controversial until after we got our house cow Bella and I found out that we couldn't share her milk. I know most people get a house cow BECAUSE they want raw milk, but we were just interested in milk in general, I hadn't really thought about the fact that it would be raw. We were happy to drink it raw and make cheese with the raw milk. It was until I started...

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