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Book review: Organic Farming with Worms

Feb 15 2016 0 Comments Tags: biological farming, book, soil, sustainable, worm farm

I've had a compost worm farm for several years now. Actually I currently have three worm farms. They are a little addictive! I didn't know anything about compost worms before I got them, but I fell in love with the concept of having somewhere to dispose all our organic (vegetative) waste that would also reliably produce compost and liquid fertiliser. The worms and I have been very happy with our...

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Teaming with Microbes - book review

Feb 17 2014 0 Comments Tags: biological farming, book, soil

I am coming to realize that the science I learnt at university is no longer current, even though I graduated less than 10 years ago. The study, and more importantly, the application, of microbiology in soil is one area that seems to have advanced significantly and it is difficult to keep up with each new discovery. Fortunately, Teaming with Microbes: The Organic Gardener's Guide to the Soil Food...

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The Biological Farmer - book review

Feb 18 2013 0 Comments Tags: biological farming, book, organic, permaculture

Since I did the Sustainable Agriculture course in July last year, I have been reading The Biological Farmer, by Gary Zimmer.  Biological agriculture is all about maintaining soil fertility in pasture and grain crop farming.

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How plants grow

Oct 15 2012 0 Comments Tags: biological farming


My first two posts were about minerals in the soil and how plants use them, and about microbes(and larger creatures) in the soil and how they help to make minerals available to plants. This post is about understanding how plants grow so that we can help them by applying minerals and encouraging microbes at times and in ways that will be most effective and efficient for us and for the...

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Making use of microbes in the soil

Sep 05 2012 0 Comments Tags: biological farming, garden, soil

Another paradigm shift….
I began the first summary page (Understanding Soil Minerals for Plant Nutrition) with a paradigm shift – adding several more mineral requirements to the traditional NPK in agricultural fertilisers. This post also requires a shift in thinking, this time we need to change the idea that all microbes, bugs and germs are bad guys. Actually there are an amazing range of bacteria,...

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Biological farming - mineral management

Aug 27 2012 0 Comments Tags: biological farming, minerals

As I said last week, I recently spent a week studying biological agriculture.  On the first day we learnt about mineral management.  I have prepared a table with a summary of the signs of mineral deficiencies, which you can download here, as it doesn't fit on a blog page!

First a paradigm shift….
For decades NPK (nitrogen, phosphorous and potassium) have been regarded as the essential ingredients...

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