Peppermint bath bomb with N-Essentials

by Elizabeth Beavis

We both love our baths here, so it was not a difficult decision to put a large deep bath in our new bathroom.  Not only do I enjoy a bath, I like to add things to my bath, like essential oils, bath salts and bath bombs.

N-Essentials supplies bath bomb ingredients

Bath bombs are very easy to make and its nice to know exactly what is in them, as well has customising the ingredients to suit your needs.  You can make them refreshing or relaxing, and add essential oils and botanicals for a beautiful bath experience.  N-Essentials supplies ingredients for bath bombs and they sent me everything I needed to try their Peppermint Skin Cooler Bath Bomb recipe.


Our bath - perfect for bath bombs

On the day that I planned to make the bath bombs our neighbour came over with his nine year old son.  The boy spent about an hour playing with the dogs (they were SO HAPPY) and then asked if he could help me with anything.  I suggested the bath bombs and he was keen to help. I don't usually get to test projects on children, but I often think that this kind of thing would be a good project.  This time I can confirm that bath bombs are kid-approved.  The ingredients are non-toxic and the recipe is very easy, so I let him measure everything out and we both mixed it up to get all the lumps out before I added the water.  He helped me to fill the moulds and couldn't wait to take one home to try it.  That's when I found out that they don't have a bath!  So I had to rename it "shower fizzy" as he was dying to try it (so you don't have to have a bath to enjoy a bath bomb!).

bath bombs in round soap moulds


I didn't have the traditional circular bath bomb moulds, but I did a quick search and found out that you can use any mould, so we chose a tray of round moulds.  As I was unmoulding the bath bombs they reminded me of giant breath mints. 

This recipe is great for first-time bath bombs as its very simple, you can make sure that you know what you are doing before trying to add other ingredients like clays and botanticals.  Overall, bath bombs are a great project for kids and are a lovely gift (now is the time to start thinking about handmade Christmas gifts).  You can buy these ingredients from the supermarket, but if you want to make a large number of bath bombs (like more than 2-3), its going to work out better to buy in bulk from N-Essentials.

I tried one of these bath bombs the next day after spending most of the day raking gravel around the house, and it was the perfect refreshing bath for my sore muscles.

Do you love a good bath?  Have you tried making bath bombs?


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