I stopped washing my hair

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Its true, I stopped washing my hair six months ago.  I have rinsed it in water a few times, but I haven't used any soap or shampoo, or even the "no poo" baking soda and apple cider vinegar mixtures that I've read about.


The idea came following a post I did back in December 2011 about eliminating cosmetics from my life.  One reader commented that she didn't wash her hair and  that made me wonder if that could work for me.  Finally I decided to give it a try in early January 2012 and I haven't regretted it.

I have had long hair for a few years, but I have also tried very short hair in the past, I found that I had to use too many "products" and wash my hair too frequently when it was short, so now I prefer it long, at least shoulder length.  
I've been using organic shampoo, conditioner and cosmetics for about five years. I started because I wanted to avoid the chemicals, but they have turned out to be better for my hair and skin.  I have long hair, past my shoulders now, and I have never able to grow it that long before, it was always full of split ends and very dry.

I think that's because the Sodium Laureth Sulfate is very drying on skin and hair (being a industrial degreasing agent, basically just a cheap ingredient to make us think we are getting clean because is produces bubbles).  I also have very sensitive skin, that was frequently red and irritated before I swapped to organic moisturiser and soap (no body washes or cleansers).  I now use no products in my hair and never dye my hair, so there's no reason to wash it really.  And if it is actually dirty, then a rinse seems to be sufficient.
Since I stopped washing my hair, I just give it a good brush twice a day and occasionally put some jojoba oil on the tips if I think they are dry.  I usually wear my hair tied back for work or tied right out of the way on the farm, but it still looks nice down if I want to wear it that way.  I have found that I get a little dandruff, but then I just rinse my hair in water and it goes away for a few weeks.  If my hair had gone totally greasy and disgusting, I would have washed it by now, but honestly, I've seen no need to do so.
Obviously this is a huge saving of time and money, but I also feel that its a healthy option for my hair.  Clearly it didn't need to be washed so frequently (or at all) and washing it was probably just stripping out the good oils.  I just wanted to let you all know that I tried it and it worked, so now I wonder if you'll think about trying it too.  Have a think about it like I did and let me know what you end up doing..... unless you now think I've gone completely mad!
Have you tried not washing your hair?

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