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Book review: Organic Farming with Worms

Feb 15 2016 0 Comments Tags: biological farming, book, soil, sustainable, worm farm

I've had a compost worm farm for several years now. Actually I currently have three worm farms. They are a little addictive! I didn't know anything about compost worms before I got them, but I fell in love with the concept of having somewhere to dispose all our organic (vegetative) waste that would also reliably produce compost and liquid fertiliser. The worms and I have been very happy with our...

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Three essential principles of organic gardening

Jul 27 2015 0 Comments Tags: compost, garden, mulch, worm farm

Organic gardening is easy. In fact, once you get your organic garden established, it should be easier and cheaper than "conventional" chemical gardening. The most important thing is to forget everything the chemical companies have told you about gardening. Forget NPK fertilisers, herbicides and pesticides. You need to learn to work WITH nature and gradually nature will start doing most of the work...

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Setting up another worm farm

Jun 25 2014 0 Comments Tags: compost, worm farm

Even if you are not confident with compost you will find worm farming to be amazingly easy. I was scared at first that I would kill my worms, as there seemed to be so many rules about how to look after them, but after two years I’ve realised that as long as you keep your worms in the shade and feed them occasionally, they will be just fine. They will continue to produce compost and worm wee for...

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Worm farm maintenance

Oct 21 2013 0 Comments Tags: compost, worm farm

I have had the worm farm for over a year now, and I have to say it’s the easiest and most convenient way I have found to make compost and to dispose of vege scraps and other organic waste. I have not had much success with putting everything in a compost bin, I find that the food scraps go all sloppy and don’t really compost properly. I have found that my current system works much better, all food...

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Worm farm compost

Apr 22 2013 0 Comments Tags: compost, garden, worm farm

I've been "worm farming" since a friend gave me a small handful of worms from his farm.  Here's how to use worm farm compost.

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I'm a worm farmer!

May 16 2012 0 Comments Tags: compost, garden, worm farm

When we first talked about getting an aquaponics kit one of my main concerns was how we would feed the fish. I didn't want to be constantly buying fish food. One of the options is to feed worms to the fish, so I've been planning to get a worm farm established. We had planned to make one from an old wheelie bin, but that project has ended up low on the list since we got the new property. Recently a...

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