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The Hidden Life of Trees - a review

Jun 28 2017 0 Comments Tags: Australia, book, trees

Every time I share a book review I include Amazon affiliate links, and if you use those links to buy things I gradually build up Amazon credit. Earlier this year I used my credit to order a couple of books, which I finished reading ages ago, but haven't had a chance to share with you until now. I just wanted to say again, thanks for using my affiliate links because it does help me to buy more...

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Amongst the gum trees

Oct 17 2016 0 Comments Tags: Australia, book, firewood, trees

I love the gum trees on our property, but I only recently realised that so many of the trees ARE gum trees.  I was lucky enough to pick up a book called Gum: the story of eucalypts and their championsby Ashley Hay (affiliate link), that our local library was selling off, so I only paid $2 for it, but its a great little book. I was hoping to learn about gum trees and how to identify the different...

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