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We upgraded our tractor

Nov 20 2017 1 Comment Tags: farm, tractor

When we first bought our new property in 2012 we also quickly bought a new tractor so that we could start working on the farm.  We got a New Holland TT75.  Mostly because we knew a friend had the same model (although on a very different farm) and because there was a good finance deal at the time (2% interest over 3 years).

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GreenPro - implements for small farms

Aug 16 2017 0 Comments Tags: farm, GreenPro, tractor

A tractor with implements is an essential tool for getting work done around the farm (as I recently wrote about here). At Cheslyn Rise, our 258-acre property, we have a 75 HP tractor with front bucket and forklift tynes. We have ploughs, a hay rake, cultivator drill (seeder), an 800 L spray tank and a slasher. At Eight Acres, we only had a tiny 15 HP tractor with a slasher. Often we wish we could...

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Raising baby chicks

Mar 14 2016 0 Comments Tags: chicks, tractor

This is an article of mine that was published in Grass Roots magazine this time last year.  I got too busy to sent articles for a while, but I just started again, so look out for my contributions!

Over spring and summer we incubate chicken eggs and raise chicks. We fatten the roosters to eat and keep the hens to replace our older layers. Raising chicks is great fun, a lot of hard work, but worth...

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Buying a bigger tractor

Apr 23 2012 0 Comments Tags: farm, tractor

The decision to buy a larger 75 HP tractor for our farm and why we got a new one this time.

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Buying a second hand tractor

Oct 12 2011 0 Comments Tags: tractor

We got a small tractor to use at Eight Acres.  Here's some tips for buying a secondhand tractor.

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