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Rosella tea

Apr 12 2013 0 Comments Tags: dehydrator, herbs, rosella, tea

A while ago I had a lovely tea with ginger and rosella.  It got me thinking maybe I should try to grow some rosellas myself, so this season when I was offered some seed (thanks African Aussie!) I planted some and ended up with four in big pots. I kept them in pots because I was a little unsure what to expect. I didn't know how big they would get and where they would prefer to grow. I find keeping...

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Calendula petals for tea

Sep 14 2012 0 Comments Tags: dehydrator, tea

Since I got my food dehydrator, I've been drying herbs for cooking, and also some for making herbal tea.  As I don't drink caffeine, I usually stick to herbal teas.  So far I have dried mint, peppermint, thyme, taragon, lemon grass and lemon myrtle leaves for tea.  I keep each one in a separate jar and then mix up a little of each to make a jar to take to work and I use a tea ball to brew my tea.

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