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Rendering tallow in a slow cooker

May 28 2018 9 Comments Tags: butcher, soap, tallow

How to render fat using a slow cooker to make tallow for cooking or soapmaking.

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Using the whole beast

Oct 31 2017 2 Comments Tags: beef, butcher, real food, tallow, tanning

Every year around winter-time we have one of our home-raised steers butchered at our property by a mobile a butcher.  We fill the freezer with meat, bones and tallow, and we sometimes even keep the hide for tanning.  It is very important to us that, as far as possible, we use the whole beast.  If this is something that you would to do too, here are a list of posts that you may find useful.

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Natural handmade soap using beef tallow

Jan 26 2015 0 Comments Tags: handmade, natural soap, soap, tallow

A review of Jan Berry's book "Natural Soapmaking" with a couple of my own natural handmade tallow soap recipes designed from tips I learnt from the book.

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Natural handmade tallow soap recipe: pure tallow

Oct 17 2014 1 Comment Tags: soap, tallow

I was very pleased to figure out how to make soap from 100% beef tallow.  Let me explain why this was so important to me and how it is done.

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Simple beef tallow soap recipes

Apr 29 2013 0 Comments Tags: cleaning, soap, tallow

When I first learnt to make soap, was taught to follow a simple recipe using tallow, olive oil and coconut oil, with the cold process method.  We used that soap in the bath and in a soap shaker for doing the dishes, and its surprising how fast we use it, so it was time to make some more, this is how I came up with two simple recipes for tallow soap.

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How to make soap from beef tallow

Jan 23 2013 0 Comments Tags: self sufficiency, soap, tallow

I can definitely see the benefits of using homemade soap instead of mass produced soap (that often contains synthetic fragrance, colour, preservatives, and has had the glycerine removed), but it seemed to me that if I was going to buy all the ingredients I may as well just buy the soap and save myself all the hassle, and continue buying homemade soap from various market stalls and websites.

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