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What to do with a bull calf

Aug 19 2016 0 Comments Tags: bull, calf, castration, cattle, natural cattle care, steers

When we were planning to have our second steer butchered, we started to look around for a young steer to replace him and keep the remaining steer company.  We have learnt the hard way that one steer will not stay home and now always have at least two in the “herd” so they don’t get lonely.

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What type of cattle operation will suit you?

Apr 24 2013 0 Comments Tags: beef, Braford, cattle, steers

We are only new to the cattle industry, and I may get some of the terminology wrong in this post, but I was hoping to explain a few things that I've learnt about the cattle industry in Australia. Broadly speaking, there are three different types of cattle operations. The first is “cow and calf”, where you own a number of cows and a bull, aim to produce one calf from each cow per year, and either...

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The beef cattle industry and us

Jul 25 2012 0 Comments Tags: beef, cattle, steers

When we bought Cheslyn Risewe decided to start with raising beef cattle as we were fairly confident that we knew how to look after cattle, after raising a few steers for our own consumption and keep our milking cow, Bella, and the property was set up with fencing, dams and stock yards, so it was low cost for us to start our farm with beef. Before this, I hadn't really thought about how the beef...

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Cattle psychology: how to accustom steers to a new property

May 21 2012 0 Comments Tags: cattle, Cheslyn Rise, farm, steers

Since we purchased our first mob of steers for Cheslyn Rise, we have had many occasions to consider what our cattle are thinking and to try to picture the world from their perspective.

For the first week that they were on our property, we followed everyone's advice and kept the steers in our wooden stock yard and fed them round bales of sorghum and kept their water troughs topped up. After a week...

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Tanning a hide

Nov 07 2011 1 Comment Tags: butcher, cattle, hide, steers, tanning

The hide from the steer that we had butchered in June (Bruce) had been lying on the floor of our shed for several months, covered in salt and waiting for us to start working on tanning it. We had been putting off the job because we remembered how much work it was last time, but we finally got around to it a few weeks ago.
Bruce, and his massive steer hide.
Tanning a hide is hard work, so if...

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Homekill meat - some tips for beginners

Jul 06 2011 0 Comments Tags: beef, butcher, steers

Our local mobile butcher came out to do Bruce last week.  This is our second time (first steer was Murray), as I have discussed previously, so I now feel qualified to write some tips for first-timers! The process for dealing with all the meat is the same whether the animal was killed on your property or at the meatworks, and the same if you have just bought a large amount of meat like a side or...

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