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We put solar panels on our shed roof

Mar 08 2021 0 Comments Tags: catch and store energy, energy, solar

We have been talking about getting solar for about 10 years and last week our electrician came to set up our new system. I'll tell you all about the system that we chose, but first a bit of background

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The solar bore pump

Aug 05 2015 1 Comment Tags: bore, Cheslyn Rise, renewable resources, solar, water

Windmills were once ubiquitous in the rural landscape, but you might have noticed something new appearing in their place. Increasingly farmers are choosing to replace old windmills and equip new bores and dams with solar panels instead.

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Solar electric fence energiser

Apr 23 2014 0 Comments Tags: cattle, fence, solar

Since we first experimented with electric fences, we are gradually using them more with our cattle and finding how useful it is to be able to quickly create temporary fences when and where we need them. We have also made some semi-permanent fences, around a dam at Cheslyn Rise and around the hugelkultur at Eight Acres. We leave these in place and just hook them up to an energiser when the cattle...

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Is it worth installing grid-connected solar panels?

Mar 07 2011 0 Comments Tags: renewable resources, solar

We had a solar panel salesman call up and ask to come out and talk to us about his product.  I thought it was a good opportunity to do some easy research.  We'd been thinking about solar panels since my parents-in-law installed a few.  We weren't sure if it was worth doing or not.  This is my analysis of our situation.

Depending where you live in Australia, most states will pay a feed in tariff for...

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