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Book review: Modern Slow Cooker

Apr 05 2021 3 Comments Tags: book, book review, real food, slow cooker, vegetables

When I was sent a review copy of the book Modern Slow Cooker: 85 vegetarian and vegan recipes to make your life easy by the wonderful Alyce Alexandra, I was surprised so see it was all vegetable-based recipes, no meat at all. I have a few different slow cooker recipe books, and they are all meat-based.

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Real food in a slow cooker

Feb 21 2018 3 Comments Tags: Nourishing Traditions, real food, slow cooker, stock

My slow cooker has become one the most useful tools in my kitchen for producing real food that is also tasty and cheap.  I use the slow cooker most often for four different dishes: stock, casserole, pot roasts and soup.

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