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Keeping multiple roosters

Mar 24 2014 0 Comments Tags: chickens, roosters

For a many years we thought it was impossible to keep two roosters together, and then, completely by accident, we ended up with two roosters who did not attempt to fight to the death at every opportunity. As this has only ever happened once, I can only guess at the reasons, and I’m hoping that others can share their own rooster experiences to try to figure out the best way to keep them. 

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Trimming a rooster's spurs

Mar 18 2013 0 Comments Tags: chickens, roosters

Poor Wilbur doesn't particularly appreciate being picked up, but we noticed that he had injured a couple of the hens with his spurs, so we decided it was time for a pedicure.  This is required every year or so, depending on how fast the rooster's spurs grow, this was the first time we had done Wilbur, but we've done plenty of other roosters.

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Raucous Roosters

Nov 21 2011 0 Comments Tags: chickens, roosters

If you have a civilized city flock of hens, you might not have had the pleasure of watching a rooster looking after his girls. Both our roosters pay the hens close attention, they can usually be seen wandering around the yard with at least one or two hens following. Whenever the rooster finds something to eat he has a special cluck to call his ladies over to share the treat. He has another call to...

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