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Corn relish - lactofermented and "normal"

Jul 06 2012 0 Comments Tags: corn, fermented, Nourishing Traditions, pickle, real food

We bought 8 corn cobs for $2 at the farmers market and knew we couldn't eat all of it and I really really wanted to try making relish (was hoping to grow corn, but that didn't work out), so it was a perfect opportunity to try a fermented relish and a vinegar relish based on these recipes:
They both started the...

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Sourdough and Fermented Food Workshop

May 25 2012 0 Comments Tags: fermented, fruit wine, Nourishing Traditions, pickle, sauerkruat, sourdough

I have been waiting to do this course for SO long!  Elisabeth Fekonia is a practising permaculturist who grows and produces much of her own food on her property at Cooroy, Sunshine Coast, QLD.  Among other things, she runs workshops on cheese (which we went to last year) and sourdough and fermented food. Since I did the cheese workshop and learnt so much about fermented food from Elisabeth, I...

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Fermented pickles from my garden

Feb 10 2012 0 Comments Tags: cucumber, fermented, Nourishing Traditions, pickle, real food

I love the taste of gherkins/pickles, but when I wanted to buy some recently I found that every jar in the supermarket contained green food colouring.  That's when I decided that I'd better grow my own, because I wasn't going to buy any of them!

a pickling cucumber
With my own pickles, I can use a lactic fermentation rather than pickling with vinegar. I did later find a jar of vinegar pickles at the...

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