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Rehabilitating our property OR how to choose a small farm

Mar 22 2017 0 Comments Tags: land, Peter Andrew, soil, weeds

This is a post from February 2011, back when we only had Eight Acres and were working on fixing the soil fertility and clearing the paddocks.  A few thoughts on what you can do with a small property.

This is the second small farm/acreage property that we've lived on. The first one, in the Lockyer Valley, was fairly flat and cleared of all but a few tall trees, with two good dams and few rocks or...

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Hybrid hugelkultur

Feb 27 2012 0 Comments Tags: hugelkutur, land, permaculture, Peter Andrew

From what I can understand, classical hugelkultur consists of piling up logs and branches, filling over with topsoil and planting on top.  The decaying wood adds fertility and heat to the heap, which is good for the plants growing above, and it also provides some heat to the heap.  I'd never heard of hugelkultur until I read about it on Craving Fresh, I thought at the time that it was an...

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Natural Sequence Farming - using Peter Andrews' methods at Eight Acres

Jan 16 2012 0 Comments Tags: land, Peter Andrew, weeds

Peter Andrews is an Australian farmer who has worked hard over several decades to observe, experiment with and understand the natural cycles in the Australian landscape.  The focus of his work is the role of plants in controlling the distribution of water and fertility in the landscape.

I read Peter Andrews' books "Back from the Brink" and "Beyond the Brink" a couple of years ago and I decided to...

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