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Organic isn't everything.......

Apr 16 2018 2 Comments Tags: butcher, chickens, eggs, meat, organic, real food

We eat eggs for breakfast every morning whenever possible and I do notice the difference if I don't have them, as I get hungry earlier in the morning.  When I have to stay away from home for work, the one thing that miss the most (apart from Pete, the dogs and the other animals) is fresh eggs from our chickens.   I usually order eggs from the hotel for breakfast each morning, but they are not the same as my home eggs.  They have a darker orange yoke and a funny taste.  Even store bought organic free-range eggs do not taste as good as our home-raised pastured-fed eggs, and here's why.

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Managing small hive beetle in the sub-tropics

Apr 13 2016 0 Comments Tags: bees, organic

How to managed small hive beetles in bee hives without using chemicals.

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Organic sausage mix for home butchering

Oct 04 2013 2 Comments Tags: beer, butcher, meat, organic, sausage, steer

Before we had our last steer butchered I went to great trouble to source an organic sausage mix for the butcher to use.  Ideally I would just make a sausage mix, but there are a few problems with this when you do a homekill beef steer.

Yum :)
Firstly the butcher doesn't have all morning to fiddle around with bespoke sausage recipes. He likes to just tip in a premix, add the water and churn out the...

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The Biological Farmer - book review

Feb 18 2013 0 Comments Tags: biological farming, book, organic, permaculture

Since I did the Sustainable Agriculture course in July last year, I have been reading The Biological Farmer, by Gary Zimmer.  Biological agriculture is all about maintaining soil fertility in pasture and grain crop farming.

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Why choose organic produce?

Sep 19 2012 0 Comments Tags: organic

Up until recently I didn't really understand what organic meant.  I thought it had something to do with producing food without using chemicals, but I wasn't really clear on the details.  We are considering eventually going for certified organic status for our beef production at Cheslyn Rise, so I have now read the Australian Certified Organic Standard (available from BFA website here) and was...

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