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Real food in a slow cooker

Feb 21 2018 3 Comments Tags: Nourishing Traditions, real food, slow cooker, stock

My slow cooker has become one the most useful tools in my kitchen for producing real food that is also tasty and cheap.  I use the slow cooker most often for four different dishes: stock, casserole, pot roasts and soup.

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How to sprout - Fenugreek

May 16 2014 0 Comments Tags: Nourishing Traditions, real food, sprout

Last week I wrote about sprouting chickpeas (garbanzo beans) and other beans for added protein. My other favourite sprouts are fenugreek and alfalfa, which I use to add green veges to meals if the garden isn’t producing enough.

the sprouts ready to eat
The green sprouts take longer than the beans because you need to wait for the green leaves to appear, but the process is the same. Although you don’t...

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How to sprout - chickpeas (garbanzo beans)

May 09 2014 0 Comments Tags: Nourishing Traditions, real food, sprouts

I started sprouting when I read about it in Nourishing Traditions. I bought a sprouting jar with a special lid that lets you rest the jar on an angle to drain, but you don’t really need any special equipment, just a jar and some cheesecloth (or thin fabric or mesh), an elastic band and somewhere to rest it (the dish rack does a good job).

My three favourite things to sprout are chickpeas...

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Real food ice cream

May 31 2013 0 Comments Tags: dairy, Nourishing Traditions, real food

When Molly was making so much milk after she first calved, she was also making plenty of cream. After milking we usually pour the milk either straight into the cheese pot or into a collection of 2 L plastic jugs, and put these in the fridge. When the milk is chilled, the cream rises to the top and its easy to skim the cream of the top and into another container. Some days I could skim a cup of...

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Fermented fizzy drinks

May 10 2013 0 Comments Tags: beverage, fermented, Nourishing Traditions, real food

I’ve never really enjoyed commercial fizzy drinks.  They are usually too sweet and too fizzy for my taste.  Apart from the fact that I don’t actually enjoy them, the artificial colours and flavours in just about every commercial fizzy drink also put me off.  Then I discovered fermentedfizzy drinks, more from a desire to use the sour whey from making cream cheese, than wanting to create a fizzy...

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Fermented pickled cucumbers

Apr 26 2013 0 Comments Tags: fermented, Nourishing Traditions, real food

I first wrote about pickling cucumbers last year, and since then I have made many batches of delicious pickles and I think I have perfected my method, so its time to tell you more.

You can pickle any type of cucumbers, but I like to grow the proper pickling cucumber or gherkins. They grow really well in my garden, even when its hot and dry, they do better than other curcubits. I usually get plenty...

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