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How I use herbs - Neem oil

May 27 2015 35 Comments Tags: chickens, garden, herbs, neem oil

I first discovered neem oil in 2012, and since then I have found more and more uses for it. Even though this isn’t actually a herb that I grow (yet!), but it’s a herbal product that I think you should know about, so I’m including it in this series on the herbs that I grow and use. My original post about neem oil is particularly popular at the moment and I thought it was time for an update.

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Treating mites and lice on chickens with neem oil

Apr 27 2015 10 Comments Tags: chickens, natural treatment, neem oil, parasites

Recently I picked up one of our hens to check her for external parasites and found her to be crawling with them. So many that when I put her down, they were crawling on me too! In the past we have treated our chickens with Maldison when we found the chickens to have external parasites. We only found out that the chickens had parasites that time because a couple of them dropped dead.

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Our new Braford bull

Dec 03 2012 0 Comments Tags: Braford, bull, giveaway, Maus, neem oil

Our new Braford bull was delivered to Cheslyn Rise on Saturday morning. His name is Maus, because he's quiet as a mouse. So far he has lived up to his name. He looked a bit worried when he got of the truck and he did a few circles of the yard, but he didn't get agro at us. Then the girls came over to see him and he got very excited. The final photo is the face he made when he smelt the cows. He is...

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Neem oil for insect control

Nov 26 2012 0 Comments Tags: herbs, natural cattle care, neem oil, parasites, pests

A natural alternative to synthetic chemicals in insecticides.

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