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Plastic-free Conditioner Bars

Sep 13 2021 0 Comments Tags: hair, natural soap, soap

I hesitated about making a conditioner bar because I struggled to find "natural" ingredients. Eight Acres is all about handmade, natural and sustainable, and it wasn't easy to find a conditioner recipe that would work. However, I eventually decided that close enough was good enough if I could also help people to reduce their plastic consumption and offer a conditioner bar to go with my shampoo soap bar.

Here's what I made and why...

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Handmade natural tallow soap recipe: shaving bar and tins

Oct 26 2015 2 Comments Tags: men, natural soap, shaving, soap

How to make a natural tallow shaving bar or tin of shaving soap, to use with a traditional shaving brush and optional safety razor.

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Natural handmade tallow soap recipe: coffee grounds

Jul 15 2015 0 Comments Tags: natural soap, soap

Before I started making soap I used to buy a soap with coffee grounds in it.  It was a "gardener's soap", the coffee grounds were supposed to help with scrubbing dirt off your hands.  Recently I decided to try making something similar.  I found a few recipes (here and here) to get an idea of how much coffee to use.

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Natural handmade soap using beef tallow

Jan 26 2015 0 Comments Tags: handmade, natural soap, soap, tallow

A review of Jan Berry's book "Natural Soapmaking" with a couple of my own natural handmade tallow soap recipes designed from tips I learnt from the book.

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