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What to do with a bull calf

Aug 19 2016 0 Comments Tags: bull, calf, castration, cattle, natural cattle care, steers

When we were planning to have our second steer butchered, we started to look around for a young steer to replace him and keep the remaining steer company.  We have learnt the hard way that one steer will not stay home and now always have at least two in the “herd” so they don’t get lonely.

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Managing house cow body condition

Jun 15 2015 0 Comments Tags: cattle, cow, house cow, natural cattle care

Dairy cows are naturally skinnier than beef cows. They are bred to produce milk, not meat! But it can be tricky to know whether your cow is too skinny, or too fat, as both can cause serious problems.

house cow ebook - cow body condition
Bella a few weeks of calving and Molly inspecting my boot

A useful method for assessing cow condition is the “body condition score”, which is basically a method of ranking how boney a cow looks (more...

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Essential oils for man and beast

Sep 22 2014 0 Comments Tags: cattle, cow, essential oils, house cow, natural cattle care

You can barely read a blog these days without coming across information about essential oils. If anyone has somehow managed to miss the essential oil buzz, it seems to be generated by two companies that produce essential oils and sell via Multi Level Marketing schemes (i.e. pyramid schemes) in which people can earn money by selling essential oils through these companies. Hence all the hype on...

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Drying off a house cow without antibiotics

Nov 25 2013 0 Comments Tags: cow, milking, natural cattle care, update

Its important to "dry off" a cow before she has her next calf, this allows her body to recover and prepare for her new baby. It is recommended that you give the cow at least 6 weeks, but it all depends on the cow's condition, the available feed and the calf (if it will also be weaned at the same time). Drying up is nearly as risky for mastitis as the start of lactation, so its a time that needs to...

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Neem oil for insect control

Nov 26 2012 0 Comments Tags: herbs, natural cattle care, neem oil, parasites, pests

A natural alternative to synthetic chemicals in insecticides.

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Healthy, chemical-free dogs

Dec 14 2011 0 Comments Tags: chemicals, dog, dogs, minerals, natural cattle care

We stopped using chemicals with the cattle, but we were still giving the dogs flea and worm treatments!  Here is what we changed after reading a book by Vet Pat Coleby.

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