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The truth about legumes and nitrogen fixation?

Nov 07 2012 0 Comments Tags: biological farming, garden, microbes, minerals

We are commonly told to plant legumes in pasture or in the garden to increase the nitrogen in the soil.  It is true that given the right minerals and microbes in the soil, legumes will develop a symbiotic relationship with rhizobial bacteria, which can “fix” gaseous nitrogen from the air and make it available to the plant (more here). The important point is that this nitrogen is used by the...

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Biological farming - mineral management

Aug 27 2012 0 Comments Tags: biological farming, minerals

As I said last week, I recently spent a week studying biological agriculture.  On the first day we learnt about mineral management.  I have prepared a table with a summary of the signs of mineral deficiencies, which you can download here, as it doesn't fit on a blog page!

First a paradigm shift….
For decades NPK (nitrogen, phosphorous and potassium) have been regarded as the essential ingredients...

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Healthy, chemical-free dogs

Dec 14 2011 0 Comments Tags: chemicals, dog, dogs, minerals, natural cattle care

We stopped using chemicals with the cattle, but we were still giving the dogs flea and worm treatments!  Here is what we changed after reading a book by Vet Pat Coleby.

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How to stop hens from eating eggs

Dec 09 2011 0 Comments Tags: chickens, eggs, minerals

Recently we had a serious case of egg eating with all our hens.  We caught them in the act a few times, and they also left tell-tale signs of egg yolk around the nesting box.  For a few days we had no eggs from nine hens in two separate cages, so it was time to sort it out.

eight acres: how to stop hens from eating their eggs

Considering how long humans have been keeping chickens, the collective knowledge about egg eating is surprisingly...

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