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How to clean a milking machine

Aug 10 2015 1 Comment Tags: cow, house cow, milking

People often assume that using a milking machine would be more work that milking by hand because of the time to clean the machine. Actually its surprisingly quick to clean after milking. And it only occasionally needs a more thorough clean. Much of the information you find online about cleaning milking machines refers to large scale dairies that are milking a hundred or more cows a day. If you are...

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How to choose a milking machine

Mar 18 2015 1 Comment Tags: cow, house cow, milking

If you decide that you want to use a milking machine with your house cow you are going to need to choose between a few different options. Unfortunately, you get what you pay for, so don't be tempted by a cheaper model until you understand why its cheap. If you can, go and visit someone with a milking machine, or go and see a display model, so you understand what you are buying.

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Raw milk in Australia - the facts without the media hype

Jan 06 2015 0 Comments Tags: cow, house cow, milking

Have you been following the current controversy over raw milk in Victoria?Long story short, one child has tragically died and others in Victoria, Australia, have become sick with various food-poisoning, all of them consumed raw milk, but there is no proven link between the milk and the illnesses. Details in the media are few and a bit muddled. Nevertheless, the Victorian government has already...

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House cow milking schedule

Jul 28 2014 0 Comments Tags: cow, house cow, milking

Unless you really need every drop of milk from your cow, you can make life a lot easier for yourself by using the calf as a share-milker. Here is how it works.  A cow makes the most milk after she first calves and then her production gradually decreases. The amount of milk she makes will depend on her genetics, her health and the quality of her feed. We notice a huge...

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Drying off a house cow without antibiotics

Nov 25 2013 0 Comments Tags: cow, milking, natural cattle care, update

Its important to "dry off" a cow before she has her next calf, this allows her body to recover and prepare for her new baby. It is recommended that you give the cow at least 6 weeks, but it all depends on the cow's condition, the available feed and the calf (if it will also be weaned at the same time). Drying up is nearly as risky for mastitis as the start of lactation, so its a time that needs to...

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Handchurn real food icecream

Oct 18 2013 0 Comments Tags: cow, house cow, milking, real food

Earlier this year when Molly was producing lots of cream, I experimented with making real food ice creamin a borrowed ice cream machine. I tried a few difference recipes and I had a lot of fun figuring out how to make ice cream from simple ingredients. I enjoyed it so much I decided to buy my own ice cream machine. When I was looking on ebay I came across a hand-churn machine and I really liked...

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