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Everything I know about making yoghurt

Dec 13 2017 1 Comment Tags: cow, dairy, milk, yoghurt

This is everything I've learnt about making yoghurt from powdered milk, raw milk, pasteurised milk and coconut milk!

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Kefir for beginners

Jan 14 2015 0 Comments Tags: dairy, kefir, milk

Most people have heard of yoghurt, but kefir, also made by fermenting milk, is less well known and just as tasty and benefitial for our health. The origins of kefir are shrouded in mystery, we may never know where it came from, but if you can get hold of some kefir grains for yourself and look after them, you will always have kefir, which has endless uses.

Kefir grains are a mixture of yeasts...

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Which milk should I drink?

Aug 29 2014 0 Comments Tags: dairy, milk

As you know, I only drink raw cow’s milk from our house cows in my daily kefir smoothie, and I drink herbal tea during the day. Recently a friend asked me if it was ok to drink soy milk. My first reaction was “no way”, but I thought I’d better do some research first, so that my friend can make an informed decision.

Of course, if you have access to raw milk from cows or goats, and you don’t have...

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Cheese-making tips and tricks

Mar 21 2014 0 Comments Tags: cheese, dairy, milk

We have lots of milk again, since Molly calved, but we never had much time for cheese-making, so here are a few tips that you might find useful when you need to make cheese in a hurry.

Make one big cheese rather than several smaller ones
We realised that most of the time involved in cheese making is all the heating and stirring. We decided to make the largest possible cheese, using our 10 L and 7 L...

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Colostrum - why calves need it and what to do with the excess

May 08 2013 0 Comments Tags: calf, cow, house cow, milk

Since Molly had her calf, Monty, in early April, I've had plenty of opportunity to observe colostrum and I am finding it quite fascinating. Like all mammals, when a cow first has her calf, she produces colostrum to feed her calf, rather than true milk. Colostrum is more yellow/orange than milk (although Molly's had been slightly different to Bella's, so I assume every cow is different) and much...

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No whey?

Jul 20 2012 0 Comments Tags: dairy, fermented, kefir, milk, Nourishing Traditions, real food, whey

As well as crying over the lack of milk while Bella is dry, I was also worried about not having whey.  Whey is an essential ingredient in so many of my new-found fermented foods(from sauerkraut to ginger beer, and soaking brown rice before cooking) that I didn't know what I would do without it. As an experiment I started freezing small batches of whey each time I made cream cheese, and it seems to...

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