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Getting started with growing your own - Linda Woodrow

Feb 13 2013 1 Comment Tags: garden, getting started, interview, Linda Woodrow

As part of the series of interviews I started last week, today I have asked Linda Woodrow to tell me about how she gardens and the advice she gives to someone who wants to get started with growing their own.  Linda blogs over at The Witches Kitchen.  She says "out of the witches kitchen should come food that is healthy, tasty, local, seasonal, ethical, green, and sustainable", although she also ac...

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The permaculture home garden - book review

Aug 29 2012 0 Comments Tags: book, Linda Woodrow, permaculture

Linda begins the introduction with "This is a book about saving the planet and living to be a hundred, while throwing very impressive dinner parties and organising other creatures to do most of the work", what's not to love?  

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