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RIP Cheryl

May 13 2015 0 Comments Tags: dog, dogs, kelpies

RIP Cheryl (Chez) 2003-2015 Pete's best mate.

Comments will make us too sad.  Just hug your dogs for us.  And this link about a dog's purpose in life is very sweet.  I'll be back next week.

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Cattle dog training day with Taz

Oct 03 2014 0 Comments Tags: dog, dogs, kelpies, puppy

We are not exactly sure when Taz was born, but when we bought her in the first weekend of January 2014, she was 11 weeks old, so counting backwards, that puts her birthday in the second week of October, which means Taz is now one year old, give or take a few days. Happy Birthday Taz!  So how did she go at cattle dog training school?

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How to make a dog box

Aug 18 2014 0 Comments Tags: dog, dogs, kelpies, puppy

We only have a single cab ute, so any time it was too hot or too cold for Cheryl to ride on the tray, and we thought she should really be in the cab, she would end up laying on my lap. And at 25kg, she is not a lap dog! A few years ago when we agreed to look after a second dog (Chime), Pete decided to build a dog box so they could both sit safely and comfortable on the back of the ute in all weather.

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Training our Taz - puppy months and dog years

Jun 13 2014 0 Comments Tags: dog, dogs, kelpies, puppy

When we got Taz, our little collie kelpie cross puppy, on the first weekend in January this year, she was only 11 weeks old and tiny, everyone we talked to joked about how much she would chew our things and how much trouble she would be. Truly I dreaded having a puppy. I hadn’t had one before, but I had heard that they can be difficult.

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What I've learnt about puppies

Feb 10 2014 0 Comments Tags: dog, dogs, kelpies, puppy

We’ve had Taz for just over a month. She’s my first ever puppy, and Pete’s first in 10 years. Neither of us were entirely sure what to expect from Taz when we bought her home from the local markets one weekend, but so far she’s been pretty clever and only wee-d inside once since we got her! Here’s a list of things that I’ve learnt from Taz so far (and an excuse for lots of Taz photos).

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RIP Chime the kelpie

Dec 17 2013 0 Comments Tags: dog, dogs, kelpies

I don't think we are ever really prepared for the loss of a pet.  Even when they are getting old, like both our dogs and you start thinking about what might happen, you still aren't ready when it happens.  Chime died on Monday, around midday.

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