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What is candied honey?

Nov 15 2018 3 Comments Tags: bees, honey

Our latest batch of honey has gone completely solid!  I opened the tap on the bucket and nothing came out.  Honey has a habit of doing this sometimes, depending on outside temperature, nectar source and the amount of pollen in the honey.  Every batch of our honey is different, it just depends where the bees have been getting their nectar.  And our honey is completely raw and just filtered through a sieve, it contains pollen and beeswax particles, so it is very unpredictable.

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Where can you get pure raw Australian honey?

Sep 10 2018 2 Comments Tags: bees, honey

You might have seen the recent news that some of the cheapest honey on Australian supermarket shelves is blended with Chinese honey and that testing has shown that half the samples of these honey were “adulterated”.  That means that they contained sugars that were not from honey, more likely from syrups made from corn, wheat and rice.  If you want quality honey, I recommend that you find a local beekeeper - find out how and why in this post.

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