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Plastic-free Conditioner Bars

Sep 13 2021 0 Comments Tags: hair, natural soap, soap

I hesitated about making a conditioner bar because I struggled to find "natural" ingredients. Eight Acres is all about handmade, natural and sustainable, and it wasn't easy to find a conditioner recipe that would work. However, I eventually decided that close enough was good enough if I could also help people to reduce their plastic consumption and offer a conditioner bar to go with my shampoo soap bar.

Here's what I made and why...

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Using a shampoo soap bar

Sep 19 2018 5 Comments Tags: hair, shampoo, soap, too much information

Most recently I've been using a shampoo soap bar (what a surprise!  You might have noticed that I love soap!).  I have been using soap to wash my hair for over a year now, as I've been working on a recipe to add to my range of handmade natural soap.  I've found a recipe that I'm happy with, and I'm ready to share it with you!

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