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Forage crops, pasture, hay - isn't it just grass?

Jan 20 2020 1 Comment Tags: cattle, forage, grass, hay, pasture

Every year, no matter if it rains or not, we need decisions to manage our stock feed through the winter. We need to ensure that we have the right balance of stock for the feed available, whether that is hay or pasture, so that we can maintain healthy animals and healthy pasture.

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Electric fencing for beginners

Nov 15 2017 0 Comments Tags: cattle, fence, forage

Electric fencing is versatile and inexpensive, once you understand the basics, you can use it for many applications around the farm.

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Growing forage or perennial pasture

Jul 15 2013 0 Comments Tags: cattle, forage, pasture

The pros and cons of forage versus planting a perennial pasture for hay and cattle feed.

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Making hay

Apr 30 2012 0 Comments Tags: cattle, forage, hay

I can't claim to be an expert on hay, but I've certainly learnt an awful lot about making it over the past few weeks!

Since owning cattle we have spent a lot of money on hay, in round bales and square bales, to feed to our animals when we ran low on grass. For ages I couldn't understand why the cattle didn't eat the dead dry grass in winter. It seemed to me to be exactly the same as hay. Well I...

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