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Using electric fence chicken netting (and chicken tractors)

May 13 2019 2 Comments Tags: chicken tractor, chickens, fence

We recently started using electric fence netting with our chicken tractors and we are very happy with the results. In the past we let our chickens out of their chicken tractors whenever we were home, but they have bad habits, like flying into the garden and wrecking everything or pooing on the veranda. Lately, they have been confined to their chicken tractors, and that just means that we have to move them more regularly, but we missed seeing them running around.

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Electric fencing for beginners

Nov 15 2017 0 Comments Tags: cattle, fence, forage

Electric fencing is versatile and inexpensive, once you understand the basics, you can use it for many applications around the farm.

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How to join electric fence polywire

May 12 2014 0 Comments Tags: electric, fence

When Pete’s dad bought our first electric fence energiser from a garage sale, it came with a roll of electric fence polywire that turned out to be lots of short lengths joined together with knots. When we set up the energiser with this wire it did not provide a decent shock because all the joins did not connect all the wires properly. If you have a good look at polywire you will find that it is...

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Solar electric fence energiser

Apr 23 2014 0 Comments Tags: cattle, fence, solar

Since we first experimented with electric fences, we are gradually using them more with our cattle and finding how useful it is to be able to quickly create temporary fences when and where we need them. We have also made some semi-permanent fences, around a dam at Cheslyn Rise and around the hugelkultur at Eight Acres. We leave these in place and just hook them up to an energiser when the cattle...

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Cattle fencing tips for small farms

Jan 29 2014 0 Comments Tags: cattle, fence

While I like to use electric fencing for quick temporary fences, I do think its important to have a strong permanent fence for the boundary, around the house yard and, on a larger property, other fences to divide the property into paddocks.

This ensures that your cattle stay on your property even if your internal electric fence fails (for example, it the battery runs flat). For cattle, barbed wire...

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Checking the fences: how to strain a barbed-wire fence

May 28 2012 0 Comments Tags: Cheslyn Rise, farm, Farmer Pete, fence

Before we let the new steers out of the cattle yards at Cheslyn Rise, we had to check all the fences in the first paddock.  Checking fences and tightening the barbed wire is slow, but quite easy if you have the right tools.

fence strainer
When I first saw fence strainers I had no idea how to use them. Actually every time I see them I can't remember how to use them! Luckily Pete had a tutorial from...

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