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Why do chickens stop laying eggs in winter?

May 20 2018 0 Comments Tags: chickens, eggs, winter

Chickens naturally stop laying eggs in winter.  Actually when you think about it, the fact that they lay an egg a day for so much of the year is completely unnatural.  Birds in the wild will only lay a few eggs until they have a clutch to hatch, but we have bred chickens to just keep laying every day, no wonder they need a break!

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Organic isn't everything.......

Apr 16 2018 2 Comments Tags: butcher, chickens, eggs, meat, organic, real food

We eat eggs for breakfast every morning whenever possible and I do notice the difference if I don't have them, as I get hungry earlier in the morning.  When I have to stay away from home for work, the one thing that miss the most (apart from Pete, the dogs and the other animals) is fresh eggs from our chickens.   I usually order eggs from the hotel for breakfast each morning, but they are not the same as my home eggs.  They have a darker orange yoke and a funny taste.  Even store bought organic free-range eggs do not taste as good as our home-raised pastured-fed eggs, and here's why.

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Dealing with broody hens

Oct 19 2017 2 Comments Tags: broody hen, chicken tractor, chickens, ebook, eggs

Occasionally one of our hens goes broody, which puts the other hens off laying and is generally a pain unless you want her to hatch some fertile eggs.  This is what we do to break a broody hen.

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How do you like your eggs?

Mar 11 2015 0 Comments Tags: eggs, real food

Recently its come to my attention that not everyone has eggs for breakfast every day.  Pete and I have one or two eggs most days, if the hens have provided enough.  We have a few tricks for preparing eggs quickly, so there's always time before work for eggs (if you're still worried about cholesterol, its ok, they got it wrong, you can eat eggs, read thisand come back for my quick egg ideas). Now,...

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Why do we have so many chickens?

Sep 26 2014 0 Comments Tags: chickens, eggs

You could just as easily ask "why do we sell eggs?" or  "what came first, the chicken or the egg?".

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Incubating chicken eggs

Mar 27 2013 0 Comments Tags: chickens, chicks, eggs, incubator

In the past we have had varying success with incubating chicken eggs. This time last year I really wanted to improve our hatch rate and I did some research. What I found out was that there are lots of things that can affect the hatch rate. Here's how we changed the way we did things and increased our hatch from 5 out of 48 to 34 out of 48.

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