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How to compost dog poo

Nov 27 2017 0 Comments Tags: biome, compost, dog, dogs

The unfortunate reality of owning a giant breed dog is that they 1) eat a lot and 2) poop a lot.  Gus is no exception.  We have a small yard for the dogs to keep them confined while we are away from home during the day, and they are free to run around while we are home, with a couple of acres of house yard, however they do tend to poo in the small dog yard and that can get a bit smelly.  

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Giant Gus turns one

Feb 15 2017 0 Comments Tags: dog, dogs, puppy

Gus arrived here last April, only 6 weeks old and taken from his mother and litter and everything he knew in the world. Poor wee fella. He was much younger than Taz when she first arrived, and we noticed the difference, he cried at night and when we left for work. The first week he was here, Pete had to go to a course in Brisbane, so I was home alone with the dogs and had my first week at my new...

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Raising a big dog vs raising a working pup

Aug 24 2016 0 Comments Tags: dog, dogs, puppy

Just so you know, this post is mostly an excuse to show off some photos of my big Gussy, but I did want to also share some observations about Gus' puppyhood compared to Taz, because so far they have been very different puppies. I have been asked if Taz is helping to get all of Gus' wiggles out, but really I think Taz is still more wiggly than Gus, even though she is 2.5 years old now.

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What do you feed your dogs?

Jun 22 2015 0 Comments Tags: dog, dogs, real food

As I've lately been thinking about what I eat and about real food for humans, naturally the next question was how to feed real food to Taz, and what is real food for dogs?

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RIP Cheryl

May 13 2015 0 Comments Tags: dog, dogs, kelpies

RIP Cheryl (Chez) 2003-2015 Pete's best mate.

Comments will make us too sad.  Just hug your dogs for us.  And this link about a dog's purpose in life is very sweet.  I'll be back next week.

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Cattle dog training day with Taz

Oct 03 2014 0 Comments Tags: dog, dogs, kelpies, puppy

We are not exactly sure when Taz was born, but when we bought her in the first weekend of January 2014, she was 11 weeks old, so counting backwards, that puts her birthday in the second week of October, which means Taz is now one year old, give or take a few days. Happy Birthday Taz!  So how did she go at cattle dog training school?

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