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Cleaning my kitchen with Biome

May 17 2017 1 Comment Tags: cleaning

As you know, I do not enjoy cleaning at all, it just feels like a waste of good gardening time.  However I do enjoy living in a clean and tidy house, so it is a necessary evil.  My aim is to spend minimal time cleaning, and I also don't like to use chemicals.  Recently Biomesent me some natural cleaning products to try out in our new kitchen. If you haven't heard of Biome, they can be found online...

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Simple beef tallow soap recipes

Apr 29 2013 0 Comments Tags: cleaning, soap, tallow

When I first learnt to make soap, was taught to follow a simple recipe using tallow, olive oil and coconut oil, with the cold process method.  We used that soap in the bath and in a soap shaker for doing the dishes, and its surprising how fast we use it, so it was time to make some more, this is how I came up with two simple recipes for tallow soap.

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