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Chicken feed and water options

Jul 05 2021 0 Comments Tags: chicken tractor, chickens

Chickens are really easy to look after. They only need a few things - somewhere warm and dry to sleep and lay eggs, regular access to feed (grain + grass) and fresh water. Until recently we were using the old style grain feeders and a bucket of water in each chicken tractor.

A few months ago, while we were in the depths of a mouse plague (which has now moved south, sorry NSW!), Pete and I were desperate to reduce the amount of grain our chickens were spilling. We tried the Dine-a-Chook feeders and waterers, this is my review....

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Using electric fence chicken netting (and chicken tractors)

May 13 2019 2 Comments Tags: chicken tractor, chickens, fence

We recently started using electric fence netting with our chicken tractors and we are very happy with the results. In the past we let our chickens out of their chicken tractors whenever we were home, but they have bad habits, like flying into the garden and wrecking everything or pooing on the veranda. Lately, they have been confined to their chicken tractors, and that just means that we have to move them more regularly, but we missed seeing them running around.

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Dealing with broody hens

Oct 19 2017 2 Comments Tags: broody hen, chicken tractor, chickens, ebook, eggs

Occasionally one of our hens goes broody, which puts the other hens off laying and is generally a pain unless you want her to hatch some fertile eggs.  This is what we do to break a broody hen.

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Outfoxing the fox

Feb 17 2016 0 Comments Tags: chicken tractor, chickens, fox

Lately we've had a fox hanging around.  We've taken a three-pronged approach to keeping our chickens safe from foxes - fox lights, modifications to the chicken tractors and a reluctant guard dog on duty.

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