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Cows with horns?

Feb 26 2018 5 Comments Tags: bull, cattle, cow, house cow

I know there is a bit of confusion around cattle and horns.  I've heard a few people say that they thought only bulls had horns.  I suppose that makes sense... but its wrong!

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What to do with a bull calf

Aug 19 2016 0 Comments Tags: bull, calf, castration, cattle, natural cattle care, steers

When we were planning to have our second steer butchered, we started to look around for a young steer to replace him and keep the remaining steer company.  We have learnt the hard way that one steer will not stay home and now always have at least two in the “herd” so they don’t get lonely.

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Lantana poisoning killed our little bull

Apr 09 2014 0 Comments Tags: bull, cattle, weeds

Our little Dexter bull Donald was sick with lantana poisoning for several weeks. I wrote this post last week with a happy ending, hoping to share with you our success in curing him, but unfortunately he didn't make it, Pete burried him yesterday. I still wanted to share this as a warning to take lantana seriously. We have had cattle eat it before and not suffer any consequences, so we got blase,...

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Our new Braford bull

Dec 03 2012 0 Comments Tags: Braford, bull, giveaway, Maus, neem oil

Our new Braford bull was delivered to Cheslyn Rise on Saturday morning. His name is Maus, because he's quiet as a mouse. So far he has lived up to his name. He looked a bit worried when he got of the truck and he did a few circles of the yard, but he didn't get agro at us. Then the girls came over to see him and he got very excited. The final photo is the face he made when he smelt the cows. He is...

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