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Using the whole beast

Oct 31 2017 2 Comments Tags: beef, butcher, real food, tallow, tanning

Every year around winter-time we have one of our home-raised steers butchered at our property by a mobile a butcher.  We fill the freezer with meat, bones and tallow, and we sometimes even keep the hide for tanning.  It is very important to us that, as far as possible, we use the whole beast.  If this is something that you would to do too, here are a list of posts that you may find useful.

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Wet aging our beef (and BBQ show and tell)

May 09 2016 0 Comments Tags: beef, butcher, cattle

Our home butcher doesn't like to age our beef for more than 3-4 days as he has quite a complicated system to rotate his mobile cool-rooms to each customer. If he let us hang our meat for longer he would need more cool-rooms and would have to put his prices up, so we don't mind fitting in with his schedule. This does mean that our beef is not as tender as if it was hung for longer. Some people will...

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Homekill butcher day - tips and tricks

Oct 12 2015 0 Comments Tags: beef, butcher, meat

I usually split homekill beef into two distinct days. Slaughter day is stressful and emotional. There is the worry of getting the animal into the appropriate yard, the butcher turning up on time, seeing the animal killed and quartered, its a hard day. Then a few days later (depending how long the carcass is hung for, this could be up to a week or more) you get butcher day. Butcher day is hard...

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Homekill beef - two small beef cattle for added complexity

Sep 28 2015 0 Comments Tags: beef, butcher

Every year for the last seven years we have raised and killed a steer for beef. I know this because I can count off the names of each of them, Trevor, Murray, Bruce, Bratwurst, Frankfurter, Romeo... and this year it was Monty's turn, but he was a bit small (being a jersey cross dexter), so we also killed a young heifer recently acquired (we named her Fatty, because she had been in the good...

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Getting the best from homekill meat

Sep 24 2014 0 Comments Tags: beef, butcher, meat

Romeo was our fifth steer to be butchered on our property by a mobile butcher.  I've written posts before about tips for homekill butchering and last year I calculated the value of the meat and determined that it was worth raising steers for meat.  It may sound strange, but this was the first year that we really thought about meat quality rather than meat quantity!    Here's what we found out:


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Should you eat animal products?

Jun 27 2014 0 Comments Tags: beef, real food

If you follow the popular media you might be feeling guilty about eating meat, even dairy products, for a number of reasons.  There's a few things you should know about eating meat...

(By the way, I haven't written this post to attack vegetarians, I just thought you all might find this information useful, what you eat is your choice, but I hope that it is an informed choice).

Meat and climate change


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