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All my soaps are handmade by me on my property near the small town of Kumbia in country Queensland.  I use beef tallow in all my soaps.  This is rendered by me from beef fat that I source from a local abattoir.  Not only is beef tallow essentially a waste product for the abattoir, and therefore a sustainable ingredient, it is also great for making soap.

Beef tallow makes a very hard, long-lasting bar of soap.  I get complaints that it lasts too long and people want to try another bar before they can use up the first one!  It is also great for your skin.  Beef tallow is very close to the sebum in our own skin, so it makes a lovely gentle soap that does not strip or dry your skin.

I use no artificial colours, fragrances or detergents in my soap, I only use natural ingredients like herbs, botanicals, clays and essential oils. 

The Men's soap range includes a handmade natural shaving soap as well as hand and body soaps.


Natural Shaving Soap

Natural shaving soaps for use with an old-fashioned shaving brush, are incredibly long-lasting and reduce the waste and harmful ingredients associated with commercial shaving foam products.  This soap is made with...

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Black Magic Natural Soap

Black Magic Natural Soap is made with hand-rendered beef tallow, coconut oil and olive oil.  Detoxifying activated charcoal, and refreshing eucalyptus essential oil make it a great facial soap, for...

True Grit Natural Soap

This soap is made with 100% hand-rendered beef tallow and coffee grounds for cleaning hardworking hands.  The coffee grounds not only help with removing dirt and oil, they also help...

Neem Oil Natural Soap

Neem Oil Natural Soap is made with hand-rendered beef tallow, neem oil and olive oil, with no added fragrance.  Neem oil is made from the neem tree and is well...

Big Beer Natural Soap

Big Beer Natural Soap is made with hand-rendered beef tallow, coconut oil and olive oil.  The key ingredient is real stout beer, which adds a creamy lather and a bit...

Green Herb Natural Soap

Green Herb Natural Soap is made with 100% hand-rendered beef tallow, with a floral essential oil fragrance, and lemon balm, this soap is very simple and perfect for sensitive skin. Tallow...


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