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Who am I?

 I'm Liz, a weekend farmer of cattle and chickens, beekeeper, soapmaker, vegie gardener, leader of the dog pack and advocate for permaculture, sustainable agriculture and holistic management.



I love writing about what I've learnt and helping people who want to grow what they eat. Its not easy being the only person you know who wants to make things rather than buying everything.

Where can you find me?

You can find people like us on my social media pages.

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 If you want to read more, you can find it all on my blog. You can also join my mailing list to receive a (fairly) regular email from me with link and updates.

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My writing has also been featured in the following websites and publications:


I'd love to hear your story! Please join me on one of the links above!

How can you help me?

I'd love for you to buy my soap and honey in my online shop.
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But I also appreciate encouraging comments, likes and shares on social media!


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