What's growing in my garden - September 2013

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September already!  Time to start planting spring seeds in my little greenhouse.... I have been a little distracted in August as our next little calf arrived earlier than expected (possibly we miscalculated her due date), so we have been milking twice a day and I can't help spending time playing and photographing our new little heifer who might one day be our next house cow.  The poor garden has been neglected a little, but fortunately it continues to produce plenty for us and now its time to give it some attention.

The late winter harvest basket consists of plenty of asian greens, kale, mustard leaves, small broccoli heads, carrot thinnings, turnips and swedes, spring onions, mint, parsley, nasturtium, borage flowers (for tea), still some tomatoes and chillies, peas and eggs as the chickens start to lay again.

the source of my distractions, Bella's new calf Nancy
 That gives you an idea of what's growing at the moment, but I am looking forward to broad beans coming soon.  And potatoes that sprouted in the cupboard and I planted back in June (WAY too early) are now growing well in a makeshift just-in-case 'greenhouse' made from a large piece of heavy plastic that came off a pallet of organic fertiliser, with a black bucket of water inside for extra heat retention. We had two very heavy frosts in late August, down to -5degC apparently, and the potatoes are fine, so my greenhouse must have worked.  I've also been picking lavender flowers and putting them in paper bags in our wardrobes to fend off moths and bugs.

broad bean flowers smell so good, have you sniffed one?

the potato greenhouse, messy but practical!

Before the calf arrived, I did manage to do some mulching around the garden beds, and spread around some ash from the woodstove and sprinkle out some worm tea.  I also cut back the arrowroot, wormwood and tansy and spread them around the outside of the garden as mulch.  I find that arrowroot stalks make very good mulch in chicken areas as it is too heavy for them to scratch away.  

two chickens dust-bathing around the garden

chicken-proof arrowroot mulch (looking down on the garden)

And here's some photos around the garden.  The pak choi is going to seed, and the yellow flowers are lovely.

This month the focus will be on getting seeds started for spring, at least tomatoes, corn and some curcubits.  Only problem is that this is our dry time.  You will notice in the photos that I have the sprinkler set up, this is for our grey water.  I've been sprinkling the lawn all winter, but this month it started to get really dry, so the grey water is back in the garden.  I also need to set up a fence to keep the chickens out of the raspberries and sweet potato patch, so that they really get a chance to grow when the rain comes.

How is your garden going?  What are you planting for spring?

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