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Using water wisely

Nov 28 2012 0 Comments Tags: water

I've written before about water at our place, but I thought now was a good time to get into more detail after I read a post about the same topic by Frugal Queen.  She was talking about saving town water, but we have a slightly different focus.

As you know, we are not on town water or sewage, so we have to manage our water use very carefully. We have 3 22000 L water tanks that collect water from the...

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Septic system maintenance

Sep 28 2011 0 Comments Tags: chemicals, septic, waste, water

When we first moved into our house at Nanango we thought we should probably get the septic pumped out, this went on the list of things we should do and quickly ended up near the end as we found more and more urgent jobs that required our attention. Finally, 18 months later, with the evaporation trench getting a bit soggy, we decided it REALLY was time to get it pumped out and booked in a...

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