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Our Food Forest after one year

Apr 21 2020 3 Comments Tags: garden, herbs, permaculture

We finally planted our food forest one year ago (you can read all about it here). It was a long time in the planning. We had to get water organised before we could plant. But when we were ready, I already had plenty of trees in pots ready to go.

This is an update about what is growing well, what has changed and what's next.

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How I use herbs - bay leaves

Jul 26 2018 1 Comment Tags: garden, herbs

I don't have a bay tree yet, but its on the list of perennial herbs that I would like to grow.  I use a lot of bay leaves and lately I've been lucky to pick up fresh leaves from our local community share.  I dry the leaves and keep them in a jar in my spice cupboard.

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How I use herbs - Elderflower

Nov 13 2017 1 Comment Tags: garden, herbs

I was given a small elderflower plant at the produce share a few months ago and I have been growing it up until its ready to plant out.  I thought I better find out more about its preferred growing conditions and medicinal uses before I decide where to put it. 

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Pot garden progress

Aug 28 2017 0 Comments Tags: garden, herbs, vegetables

I'm still here! I just got distracted by making a new soap website and I couldn't decide where to post this. But I'm not ready to move just yet. I wanted to show you my pot garden as I've been pleasantly surprised by what I can grow (in winter anyway). We are going to build a proper garden and set up the aquaponics, but other things need to be done first and meanwhile my pot collection keeps...

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How I use herbs -feverfew

Jul 26 2017 0 Comments Tags: garden, herbs

Sometimes I write about the herbs I've been growing for a long time and use frequently, other time I use these posts as an opportunity to find out more about a new herb.  Feverfew (Tanacetum parthenium) is the latter!  I've had it in my garden for a couple of years after a friend gave me a seedling and it has self-seeded, but I haven't known how to use it., so its time to look up the herb books!

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How I use herbs - chilli

Mar 08 2017 1 Comment Tags: garden, herbs

I have three large chilli bushes in my garden.  I don't know exactly what kind they are, they sprouted in a pot of raspberry canes that I was given.  I thought they were capsicums, but they grew into the chilli bushes.  The raspberries didn't make it through our hot summers, but the chillies did great, they are taller than me and I always get a massive harvest.

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