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Meet Bella and Molly - our house cow and calf

May 22 2011 0 Comments Tags: cow, dairy, milk

Yesterday morning we brought home our dairy cow, Bella, and her calf, Molly, and we milked her for the first time this morning. Bella and Molly are both pure bred jersey cows. Bella gave us about 6 L of milk, so I've already skimmed off the cream, and made some yoghurt and we've drank a few litres and given some to the dogs. We have all the gear to make some cheese when we have accumulated enough...

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How to make yoghurt from powdered milk

May 20 2011 2 Comments Tags: cow, milk, yoghurt

I finally decided to stop being so lazy and have a go at using milk powder to make yoghurt (as described previously), instead of relying on the EasiYo packet. I had a large bag of powdered milk in the cupboard that I bought during the flood-crisis here over summer, so it was time to use it up. I have now made several batches of yoghurt using only the powdered milk, so I can report that it is just...

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