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Bella's calf died at birth - when things don't go to plan #2

Sep 13 2012 0 Comments Tags: calf, cattle, cow

I was expecting this week to post all about the birth of Bella's calf. I was expecting it to be a happy post, with lots of cute photos, but unfortunately I have bad news. If you are following me on facebook (for up-to-the minute reports on farm life) you will know that we came home from work yesterday to find Bella had already had the calf, but it was dead. We think she was born alive, and maybe...

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Bottle feeding a calf

Aug 15 2011 0 Comments Tags: calf, cow, dairy

Getting a calf started on the bottle is not easy. At first they are scared and miss their mum, so they don't cooperate at all. When little Trevor first came home with us he was only a few weeks old. We struggled with him for days, my husband standing over him to hold his head still and me trying to get the teat in Trevor's mouth. Eventually he worked it out and we were greeted each morning at...

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When things don't go to plan - establishing a new house cow

Jun 20 2011 0 Comments Tags: calf, cow, dairy, mastitis, milk, natural cattle care

I hope that others will sympathise with this post.  I'd love to write about how well we are doing with our new house cow Bella, our great milking routine, and how tame Molly is getting, but as usual, things haven't gone to plan!

Cattle are difficult animals, they look dumb, but they are smarter than you realise. You soon know about it when you want them to do something though. We had our milking...

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