Garden update - June 2014

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May has been unusually warm, we haven't had a proper frost, and apart from a few cold days right at the start, since then its been very warm.  This is great because our grass has continued to grow longer than usual.  In the garden, my veges are growing, and so are the weeds!  But I'm not complaining.

Finally the chokos are growing and there are so many we can't keep up.  I have been giving them away, and I've set aside a few to sprout.  We are still harvesting tromboncinos and rosellas.  And all the leafy greens have gone crazy, we have tat soi, pak choi, bok choi, kale, silver beet, mizuna and mustard leaves everywhere, most of it self-seeded.  The nasturtium has recovered, as has the chick weed, and there's still plenty of dill, parsley and chervil.  Also the first tiny brocolli (picked before they turn into flowers).

May harvest basket
chokos waiting to sprout (just leave them long enough and it will happen)
This month I set up another worm farm that was given to me, so I'm looking forward to lots more worm wee (post about setting up the worm farm coming soon).  And I set up a messy "greenhouse" for the potatoes, as they have just come up and won't tolerate frost when it finally comes.  Most of them are just left over from last year (I replanted the small ones) and a few sprouted in the cupboard, so I don't know what I'm going to get, but hoping for some more purple ones!  I really haven't done much else apart from weeding the chick weed to feed to the chickens (and some for my homemade salve).  I also planted some celery seedlings and some broadbean seeds.  The peas I planted last month are taller than me and showing no intention to flower or make any peas!

second worm farm set up
my potato "greenhouse"
chick weed before I pulled it all out for the chickens
aloe perryi flower (all about aloe here)
sweet potato patch (with some beans at well)
geranium flower
In June I think I'll just be harvesting anything that grows, and spreading all that extra worm wee around the garden.

How's your garden going?  What are your plans for June?

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