Garden update - July 2014

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June was really warm (relatively), it didn't feel like winter at all, and then after winter solstice its suddenly got properly cold (for Queensland, that is!).  We still have day time temperatures in the mid 20degC, but it has been frosty overnight.  I have been heating up wheat packs to stay warm in Brisbane during the week, while Pete's had the woodstove cranking back home (and telling me about all the roast potatoes I'm missing out on!).  The harvest in late June was the last of slightly frost damaged chokos (more about them later in July) and tromboncinos and lots of brassicas.  A few peas that have climbed so high, they may survive (they tend to only get frost damage on the tendrils).  Radishes, although I never find these easy to grow (why does everyone say they are easy??) and some stalks of celery (I pick it as it grows rather than waiting to pick an entire bunch).  And two eggs from our newest laying hens, its a good time to buy new hens, as the old girls are taking a break over winter.  Also, earlier in June prior to the frost, I dug up a few potatoes and found that they were more purple potatoes.  And I replanted a few that I found lurking in the back of the pantry (also planted a few garlic cloves, I try every year, and never had anything to show for it, maybe this year I will grow garlic).

June harvest basket
purple potatoes!  they are purple on the inside too
I took some photos in the garden before the frost, everything is still green in the photos, but after the frost a few sensitive plants have died back.  It has not affected the chickweed though!  I planted celery seedlings at the beginning of June (I can never get them to start from seed) and I have been picking a few stalks occasionally.  They are planted in worm farm compost, so that seems to have given them a good start.  I've asked the worms to make some more.  And I bought a sage seedling because my last sage plant died in the drought.  I don't use sage that much, but I kind of missed having it growing, so I got some more from the farmers market.

celery planted in worm farm compost
(and surrounded by tomato seedlings from the compost!)

A few flowers in June: the nasturtium has recovered from the drought (I thought it was going to die) and is covered in flowers.  I use the leaves chopped with other herbs in salad or with steamed veges.  My borage plant with pink and blue flowers - great for bees, I eat the flowers, and the leaves I dry for tea, and I put some leave in my infused oil for skin salve.  And the pea flowers reaching for the sky, they have grown taller than me, and I'm hoping that means they miss most of the frost.

Plans for July - I always say that I'm just going to harvest and weed, but then I end up planting things, so I'm not really sure what I'll do in July!  I'll probably pull out the tromboncino plant, but I'm hoping that the choko will regrow next year.

What about you?  How's your garden?  Do you grow radishes and celery from seed?  Any tips!?

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